how to check stainless steel Grade 202 vs 304

The SS railing we use for the house i.e. the stainless steel railing is usually of grade 202 or 304, it would be difficult to tell the difference between these two and there is very slight difference in their quality and price. Sometimes people put 202 in the name of 304 and take 304 money, so if you want to avoid such fraud, then definitely keep in mind the points mentioned in this article, which you can check on the site. This can save you a lot of money.

Where we use 304 and 202

As we have seen there are two types of stainless steel which are used for home, 304 is more corrosion resistant if we compare with 202, for this reason, it is used in outdoor spaces. Where there is contact with water and weather, and if we talk about the inner SS railing, then 202 is fine, because there is not much water contact inside,

How to check Steel grade

  • Company logo and marking

The very first thing by which you will know whether the material is 304 or 202 is by reading the markings on the material. In the next picture you can see the Marked information and logo, where the grade is clearly written alongside the Company logo.

Acid Test for stainless steel (Grade Tester)

In the market, you will easily find the grade Tester (acid), put a drop on SS 304 and see it, its color appears green or no change in color And when you put the same drop of acid on 202 steel, it turns red so that you will immediately know that it is 202 as you can see in the next image, this is the easiest and most efficient way to differentiate between 304 and 202.

acid test on stainless steel

stainless steel Spark test

The spark test is also very simple so that you immediately know which grade of steel it is, if it is grade 304, then not many big sparks come out of it and those sparks are thin and small they are light red-orange whereas if we talk about 202 then the evidence of sparks coming out of it is more and the sparks are longer and its color is yellow.

202 spark test
steel grade test on site

  • cost

If we compare the price then 304 costs more than 202.

  • Nickel

By the way, the nickel in 304 is from 8% to 10%, but in 202 the nickel is from 4% to 6%As you have seen here that 304 is more resistant to corrosion, it is more durable but it is fine for outdoor use but you are going to use stainless steel for interior things so that there will not be much contact with water then you can use 202.

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