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Solar system for home price in India and type of solar system


If you want that the electricity bill of your house becomes ₹ 0 and you can enjoy electricity for free, then read this article completely because today we will know in this article how much does it cost to install a rooftop solar system, And how much solar capacity should we install? Very important information related to which system will be best for home.

What are an on-grid solar system and an off-grid solar system?

Both of these are types of home solar systems.

1. What is On-Grid Solar System

That means it is connected to your nearest grid. In this, you do not have to use any type of battery, the electricity generated from the solar panel is sent to the department, and only as much electricity is needed.

2. What is Off-Grid Solar System

For this, you have to depend on the battery and not on the grid, in this the electricity generated from the solar panel is stored in the battery and used.

When we will see the comparison of these two, when you will know which is the best for us, we will know it is the last because the main feature of these two solar systems is their major drawback.

What capacity solar system should be installed for the house?

Although a low-capacity solar system is required for common homes, if you install a solar system up to 3 kW, then it will be easy to use all the appliances in your house systematically, however, in an on-grid solar system, you will get there is no need to worry about running the equipment because you get the rest of the power from the grade, due to which there is no problem in running the equipment, whereas if we talk about off-grade then you have to depend on the battery for this. So for this, what are the things you can run in a 3-kilowatt solar system, we see this in the on-grid solar system.


TV 1, Fan 4, Bulb 7, Fridge 1, Water Motor 1HP, AC, Mixer, etc. You can run on this system. A 3-kilowatt solar system average produces 12 to 15 units in a day.

solar system for home price in India

For example, if we have taken a 3-kilowatt solar system,

 then it costs us 25000 to ₹ 30000 for the solar panel, after the cost of the inverter, it costs a lot.

And if you are taking off-trade solar systems then you have to spend more on batteries,

3kw solar system for home price

in India if we look at the total cost of an on-grid solar system from 160000 to ₹ 180000 for 3 kW capacity. Talking about the off-grid due to the increase in the cost of the battery, it costs from 190000 to ₹ 220000 i.e. for an off-grid solar system, it costs more.

Install off-grid solar panels for home or on-grid solar panels?

Friends, a grid solar panel will be the best option for you, some of the main reasons for this are because it does not cost a battery, then you have to pay less and due to lack of battery, there is no maintenance cost. Because of this, it takes less time for you to recover its cost. If the light does not go on here, again and again, then the on grid solar system is a good option for you, while if we talk about on-off grid solar systems, then the battery is used in it. Due to the high cost, its cost is high and within 7 years, you have to spend maintenance on the battery due to this, it becomes more difficult to recover the price if there is a problem with more light in your area i.e. bar. If the light goes out, then the off-grid solar system should be right there for you.

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