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Brick bat coba waterproofing rate, procedure, disadvantages


The brick bat coba waterproofing method is one of the oldest waterproofing types still in use today for the simple reason that it is very effective. So in which article we will take all the information about how this waterproofing is done, what are its advantages and disadvantages and will see the brickbat coba rate.

what is brick bat waterproofing

This is the traditional method of waterproofing in which waterproofing is done using pieces of bricks.

What is the procedure for brick bat coba waterproofing?

Step One Surface Preparation

First of all, you have to clean the roof properly, if there are small deposits of cement, then they have to be cleaned properly. If you do not clean the surface properly, then the result of waterproofing cannot be good.

When you clean the surface well with the help of a wire brush and broom, after that you have to clean it well by hitting water.

When the cleaning is done properly, then after that you have to apply cement slurry well on the slab, in which your small cracks are felt properly.

After that, you have to give the first coat whose thickness will be up to 25 mm and the ratio will be 1:4 

After your first coat is complete, you should start laying the bricks.

Here the point to be noted while placing the brick is that the brick which is going to be installed should have fallen properly, if it has not fallen properly, then it will draw water from your cement mortar so that the strength of your cement mortar will decrease.

And there should be a gap of 15 to 20 mm between the bricks you are going to install. After applying the bricks, you leave it like that for 24 hours, you have to water it well and on the second day, you have to fill it with cement mortar. In some places, after placing the bricks, the water is kept like that for a day or two.


When you fill the gap between the bricks, water it well, after that you can do the final coat, which is also called the protective coat. when you’ve got the final coat flat when it dries slightly on the head, after that, you can do 300mm by 300mm square on top of that waterproofing with the help of a rope.

For how many days this brick bat coba waterproofing should be watered

On the second day when your waterproof dries properly, after that, you should fill water little by little in it. Due to water filling for 10 to 14 days, your waterproofing can get water in a good way and it also gets good strength.

brick bat coba waterproofing rate

The rate of this brick bat coba waterproofing is from 50 to 60 square feet i.e. if your roof is 1000 feet then it may cost you from 50000 to  60000.

brick bat coba waterproofing Life

By the way, this waterproofing is very good, its life can be taken for at least 25 years. But for this, you should do waterproof with good quality

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Brick bat coba waterproofing advantages

  1. This waterproofing is very easy to do, you can do it even with low-skilled labor.

2. It is really very effective, that is why it is used in such places as bathrooms and toilets.

3. Due to this waterproofing, the heat is also felt a little less.

Brick bat coba waterproofing disadvantages

  1. it takes too long to make

2. Due to this waterproofing, the date load on your roof increases.

By the way, if we see then it is a good waterproof if done properly then for more information you can also watch this below video

brick bat coba waterproofing