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One bedroom apartment all need to know


You must know these things about one bedroom apartment, what is a one bedroom apartment, what are its advantages, what is its size and whether it has any disadvantages, then you should know about them also, how many rooms are there inside it, you will get such very important information from this article.

What is one bedroom apartment 

one bedroom apartment is a type of residential unit that consists of one living room, one bedroom, and a kitchen and one bathroom, These are called one bedroom apartments because the bedroom area in it is separate. You get a separate space for the bed i.e. a separate room. So that you can get a little privacy which you generally do not see in studio apartments.

This one bedroom apartment can be a good option for those people or it can be a suitable option for an individual or a couple or a small family, then it can be a good option for those people because in this you get privacy. also available

One bedroom apartment size

The size of a one bedroom apartment depends on your location, the design of the building you have, and also the size of these one bedroom apartments according to the local standards in your area.

If we talk about the size of a general one bedroom apartment, it can range from 500 square feet to 900 square feet.

If you want to know the tentative size of each room, then the size of the bedroom can be approxim ately 10 feet by 12 feet and the area of your living room can be 10 feet by 15 feet and your kitchen can be 13 feet by 10 feet. Bathroom regular size Washer and dryer in the bathroom, Now it is not necessary that it should be the same size every time, depending on the design of your building, this size can be more or less for the room.


One bedroom apartment advantages 

  1. Affordable 

Due to their smaller size compared to other units and houses, this can be an affordable option for you, due to which you get less rent as compared to other big houses.

2. Easy to clean 

The larger the space, the more difficult it is to clean or maintain, but if we talk about a 1 bedroom apartment, then due to less space there, you do not face any problem in cleaning, hence your time is also saved. is saved


3. privacy 

These are 1 bedroom apartments, they have a bedroom, due to which you do not get disturbed at all in your privacy. As we all know, when there is open apartments or there are studio apartments, there is a problem with privacy. You will not see such privacy problems in a one bedroom apartment.

Well, if seen, there are some other advantages of 1 bedroom apartment like you do not need many things to furnish it, you can furnish it well even for less money when the apartment is big then there If you have to spend a lot of money to decorate or furnish it, then you will not have the same problem in these one bedroom apartments, here you can furnish them well even at less expense.

These are energy efficient and give you good flexibility of living together, whether you live as a couple or as an individual.

One bedroom apartment disadvantages

The first disadvantage of these is that you get very little space if we compare them with big houses. 

These 1 bedroom apartments are only for small families or individuals, if there is a big family then they can prove to be very uncomfortable for them.

If ever more guests come to your place, then due to the presence of workspace, it becomes a bit difficult for you to entertain them as you are left with a lot of workspace for sitting and other things.

Even though their rents seem low initially, if we compare them in terms of square feet, their cost per square feet is slightly higher.

And as you would have guessed from the size, you will have a lot of difficulty in keeping the stuff in it, that is, you get a little storage space.

 what does a one bedroom apartment cost in New York

The cast depends on where your location is, the size of your apartment, the amenities, etc. The cast depends on things but we will look at the cast to get a tentative idea. One bedroom price approximately $3000 to $6000 per month 

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