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interior colour combination for Indian homes


If you want that you feel fresh after coming into the house colour combination, then for this you should choose the right colour because colour affects the mood of the person, some colours make your room look bigger and more beautiful than some because of the colour If you get enthusiasm from it, then know which colour would be right to give in which room.

Best colour combination for a hall in India

See, the hall is such a thing where your guests come and go and the size of this room should look big and your whole house is guessed from the hall itself, so because of this, you should use light colour in the hall so that the hall If you look bigger and get a lot of light inside, then for this, you can use such colours as Pearl White Color, Ivory Color, beige Color, Light Yellow Color, Cream Color, Mid Pink, Light Blue Color which will make the hall bigger beautiful

which colour is best for the bedroom

Experiment with the most colors if you can do it in any room then it is your bedroom because in the bedroom you can do any colour you want, but for this, you can use such colours as pink, yellow, sky blue, light grey, and beige. You can do this accordingly so that you will feel the extra energy in the bedroom.


kitchen colour paint

The kitchen is considered to be the heart of your home, so here you can choose a few colours that do not show stains quickly and have a little light colour, due to which the light can get good inside, so you can choose for this. Be pastel green, pink, candy shade, light orange, or blue, these colours will prove to be better in your kitchen

Which colours should not be allowed inside the house?

There is a lot of light in the colours, they are so much light that because of them this colour stings in your eyes and there is a pain in the head, such colours are called fluorescent colours, do not give these colours to the walls.

wall paint idea

Nowadays there is more trend of darkening a wall which also looks good, whether it is a hall or a bedroom, you can use these colours in Yellow, Blue, Red, and Military Green.

Try to choose a plain wall only for the dark wall where there is no window or door

So what colour would you like to give to your house, do comment

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