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Latest Modular kitchen trolley price 2024 India


If you are thinking of installing a modular kitchen trolley inside the house, then it is important to know these things because it depends on how much the price of your kitchen trolley will be.

First, take information about the specifications of the modular kitchen trolley.

  • Laminate finish or Arcrylic Finish 
  • Ss basket or tandem basket 
  • Handel type 
  • SS type 304 or 202
  • Hardware 
  • Brand 

If we talk about laminate, then its cost is less than acrylic finish.

Now we are going to get information about the price of the kitchen trolley, then what material will you get in it, first we know about the price of the kitchen trolley.

2024 kitchen trolly price 

Kitchen Trolly Material specification

Finish Laminate 

Laminate thickness 1mm 

Board thickness 16mm to 18 mm

Marine Grande ply


SS type (tandem basket rate will increase )

202 grade (304-grade rate will increase )

Branded metal will be used for hardware

  • The work of the outer shutters in the kitchen trolley is given on square feet.
  • And the rate of the basket which is installed in the kitchen trolley is given according to the running feet.

Stainless steel kitchen trolly price

Kitchen trolley price

The rate of installation of kitchen trolley shutters is ₹ 550 per square feet. laminate finish

And the rate of the basket which is installed in the kitchen trolley is ₹ 3300 running fit.

For example, you can assume that if you have a kitchen counter of 10 feet, then it may cost you up to ₹ 36850 to install a kitchen trolley for it.

for more, you can see this video for getting more idea https://youtu.be/Fr2eMar0kQ0

Kitchen trolley price 36850 for 10 feet kitchen 

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