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Wooden wardrobe price


How much do wooden wardrobes price, today in this article we will know what is the cost of a wardrobe and what are the prices of different types of borders. We will get information about them in this article.

Wooden wardrobe price 

Although the cost of a wardrobe depends on many factors, to give you a tentative idea, here we are going to look at the price of a regular wardrobe.

The price of a wardrobe is determined by two things

Labour cost    250 rs/sq.ft – 300 rs/sq.ft.

Material cost  700 rs/sq.ft – 800 rs/sq.ft.

wooden wardrabe Total cost      1000 rs/sq.ft – 1100 rs/sq.ft.


Wardrobe size  9’X7’ = 63 sq.ft

Material cost  

         Boards             = 25000

        Sunmica           = 10000

         Fittings            =  5000

        Fevicol etc        = 5000

       Labour cost       = 18900 

       Total cost      = 63900

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Godrej wardrobe price

Material type- steel 

Size  6’X3’ 

Price 24,750

Rate per square feet 1400 rs

Godrej wardrobe price 

Material type -Particleboard 

Size  6’ X 6’6”

Price 78210

Rate per square feet 2000 rs

Steel wardrobe price

A good quality steel wardrobe size 3X6 will cost around 25,000

Rate per square feet 1400 rs

Plastic wardrobe price 

Size 2’ X 4’ 

Price 5000

Price per square foot 625

Aluminum wardrobe price  

Price per square feet   1100 to 1800

Plywood wardrobe price  

Wardrobe size  9’X7’ = 63 sq.ft

Price 63,000

Rate per square feet  1000 rs 

Metal wardrobe price 

Wardrobe price per square feet in India 

Wardrobe price per square feet 1100 rs with material