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Small living room ideas

The living area(hall) of your house is not just a place where we hang out but also a place where guests sit. So, after seeing that hall everyone makes a guess about how good the rest of the house will be. Many aspects play a crucial role in making your hall mesmerizing, we’ll see that in this article. 

Living Size and Openings

The general size of your hall usually is larger than any other room, so it is advisable to put larger windows in the hall than any other room, which is quite possible due to the RCC structure. Also, nowadays big windows are very trendy. The main purpose of a window is to provide fresh air and sunlight. So we have to keep at least 4×4ft or 4×5ft space for windows. Smaller size than this will not perform well functionally and will not look good aesthetically. And also the door opening should have to be a minimum of 3×7ft and a minimum of 3.5×7ft if the door is the main door. The larger door openings looks good and also ensures better movement of goods and furniture.


what is the standard living room height?

While building the hall, if the hall size is big but the height is less then the overall feel of the hall seems to be small and congested. A minimum of 10ft height is optimum while building the hall, we can increase it up to 12ft according to our needs and likings. False ceiling installations may decrease the height by 1 to 1.5ft, so consider this while deciding the overall height of the hall. Try to keep the height of all the rooms the same, as it will result in steps on the slab.

best living room tile

Tiles with a glossy finish look better in the hall area. Marble or granite tiles also look great and it’s quite trendy nowadays. Glossy white tiles suit much more to the hall as they make the hall seem bigger due to their high reflectiveness.

best Living room colour


While choosing a colour for the hall, it is advisable to use a light-colored shade. Darker colours don’t look good aesthetically and they also give a congested feel to the hall. Lighter colours reflect more light and make the overall feel of the room big and fresh. Whitish lime, light blue, off-white, and light pink are some of the colours which look good on the walls of the living room.

best Living room false ceiling

If you are really planning to make the hall spectacular then go for the false ceiling. A false ceiling is a somewhat cheap way to enhance the beauty of the hall. The lights in the false ceiling give a better and fresher look to the hall so, the selection of the overhead lights is also very important. As discussed earlier if you are going for the false ceiling then decide the hall height accordingly.

So from the above points, it is clear that more height, bigger openings, glossy tiles, lighter colours and false ceilings play a very important role in enhancing the look and feel of the living room.

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