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Switchboard height from floor in India


We use electric switchboards multiple times a day, but do we really consider how much the switchboard height should be? If you are building your house then you must install switchboards at an optimum and accessible height, if you keep the height of the switchboard properly, then it is very easy to use them and you feel very comfortable, but if you put it in the wrong way i.e. put it on the wrong height, it is very inconvenient to use.

Hall switchboard height

The main switchboard should be near your main door because you should not have any problem turning on the light because it is difficult to find the board in the dark. The height of the key should be 4 feet from the flooring, in the same way, the height of the main switchboard should also be 4 feet which are away from the reach of children and the height of the TV point should be 2’6”
Main Board must be 48 Inches and the TV Point at 30 Inch

Kitchen switchboard height

More power points come into the kitchen and their needs are different, now the mainboard in the kitchen is 48 inches ie 4 feet, the point of the fridge is 4 feet, and the board above the kitchen platform (for the mixer) is 9 inches.

Bed switchboard height

Now see that bedroom means it is a matter of comfort, so here the first board should be very close to the entry door at a height of 4 feet and you must have made the two-way connection. To close the connection lying down, you have to keep its height from 2 feet 6 inches to 3 feet. Also, keep the fan regulator near the bed so you can access it lying down. The height of the footlight should be 9 inches from the flooring.

Bathroom switchboard height

The height of the geyser board in the bathroom should be kept at 7 feet, and the height of the fan should not be less than 8 feet 6 inches.

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Accordingly, if you keep the height of the electrical switchboard in your house, then it can be convenient for you, then while building the house, keep this electrical switchboard’s height in mind.

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