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How to reduce heat from a metal roof


Friends, you must have been very upset due to the increasing heat and you know that if there is so much heat in the cement house, then you can only imagine the heat in the houses with tin shade. How to reduce heat from metal roof
This heating problem of this tin shade is not only restricted to houses but it also arises in shops, school buildings and commercial buildings.
What are the remedies to avoid this heat?
In this article, you will many important things that will help you a lot in cooling down your tin shade so that you can live peacefully.

As you will know that the main reason for the heat is the scorching sun and how the color works to protect it from the scorching sun. The white color reflects the sun, due to which the tin shade is not heated. If you paint your house in white color, then there will not be much heat in your house and if you are making a tin shade now, then it is important that in the beginning, use white colored sheets so that Later on you will not need to paint

Thermocol is such a thing that does good thermal insulation work, some people who have put thermocol under their tin shed, it has helped them in reducing the temperature of their house.

PU sheet
If you are going to make a roof builder with a sheet, then there is a sandwich sheet available in the market , in which polyurethane foam is used, which is a good thermal insulator.

Air flow
Now, if there is good airflow, then it will definitely be beneficial. For cross ventilation, you should keep the windows big. Air should come in from one side and should go out from the other window so that the interior Warm air can go outside the house and cold outside air can come in.


Correct use of Fan
If you have a ceiling fan, that is, then it pushes the hot air of the tin sheet downwards so it starts feeling even hotter, instead you can install a wall mounted fan or table fan. In some places an exhaust fan is used which helps in venting out the hot air inside

false ceiling
Yes, if your roof is made of sheet, and if there is a false ceiling between the metal ceiling and your room, then it helps in reducing the heat because the heat is not transferred directly to your room, the ceiling works to prevent it. You can go for the option of false ceiling, some people do POP and in some places commercial ceiling is used, which can be a little less expensive like we saw similar to the thermocol seat. In this way you can do this option but your roof looks beautiful in it.

Trees & plants
Plant trees, grow trees, if there is greenery near the house, then the hot air outside gets cold inside, which will help in reducing the temperature of the house and due to the shade of this tree, your metal sheet won’t heat quickly.

Look, in the end, pay special attention to these 4 things, the first thing is the insulation, the second thing is the proper sense of the air flow, the color and the height of the ceiling, if you take care of these things, then you will be able to reduce the heat inside your tin shade. So keep these things in mind before building.

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