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Solar system for home price in India and type of solar system

If you want that the electricity bill of your house becomes ₹ 0 and you can enjoy electricity for free, then read this article completely because today we will know in this article how much does it cost to install a rooftop solar system, And how much solar capacity should we install? Very important information … Read more

Tile labor cost 2022 square foot rate and item rate

Whenever a person builds his house, he needs labor to get the tiles installed, now it is seen in some places that due to lack of complete information about the labor rate, people pay a lot of money for that work. But if you know approximately how much it will cost you to do tile … Read more

how to check stainless steel Grade 202 vs 304

The SS railing we use for the house i.e. the stainless steel railing is usually of grade 202 or 304, it would be difficult to tell the difference between these two and there is very slight difference in their quality and price. Sometimes people put 202 in the name of 304 and take 304 money, … Read more

How to prevent slab cracks 6 best idea

Often, on the second day of the slab, you must have seen cracks on the slab surface. what may be the reason behind it? And what are the preventive measures? We will see that in this article. Slab Material Now we think that we’ve used the best materialsBut is it really the case, first of … Read more

Switchboard height from floor in India

We use electric switchboards multiple times a day, but do we really consider how much the switchboard height should be? If you are building your house then you must install switchboards at an optimum and accessible height, if you keep the height of the switchboard properly, then it is very easy to use them and … Read more

Best idea to reduce heat from a metal roof

Friends, you must have been very upset due to the increasing heat and you know that if there is so much heat in the cement house, then you can only imagine the heat in the houses with tin shade.This heating problem of this tin shade is not only restricted to house but it also arises … Read more

new house construction cost calculator

New House Construction Cost Calculator New house construction cost calculator from construction zone will help you get approximate idea of house construction cost easy to use put simply square feet of your house and you will get idea

Practical Tips on How To Keep Your Home Cool

As soon as the sun rises, it becomes very difficult to stay in the house, the main reason for this is heat.Most of the cement houses that are built these days have a lot of heart problems, so if you want to avoid this heat and want to keep your house cool, then do not … Read more

11 Things to know before wall plastering | Guide

If you want the plaster of your house to last longer without any cracks, then you need to know these important things.