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Tile labor cost 2022 square foot rate and item rate


Whenever a person builds his house, he needs labor to get the tiles installed, now it is seen in some places that due to lack of complete information about the labor rate, people pay a lot of money for that work. But if you know approximately how much it will cost you to do tile work, in such a situation you can save your money, then let us know how much it can cost us for tile work, for this you two can spend money by using things

1. Square Feet Rate

Nowadays tile labor rate is running from ₹ 55 to ₹ 65 per square foot, (remember the rate may be more or less according to the time and location) This is the easiest way, in this, you just have to take the area of your slab. For example, if the area of your slab is 1000 square feet, then it may cost you ₹ 55000 to ₹ 65000 to do tile work in which.


2. item rate

In this method, you have to calculate the rate of everything, for example

Flooring 15 rs/sq.ft to 20 rs/sq.ft

Granite Work Window Door Frame 80 RFT

Kitchen Counter 750 RS/ RFT

Jeena Tappa ( stair ) 350 Nos

Skirting 13 RS/RFT

Now this rate can be more or less here, but you will get an idea from this, so before giving the tile work to the contractor, do not forget to see the rates going on in the market.

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