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bathroom fitting height standard


You must be aware of the bathroom fitting height standard height of the plumbing point while making bathroom fittings because the height of the plumbing point is kept according to your comfort, its main advantage is that you get a lot of ease in using the plumbing point. and if you install the plumbing point incorrectly, it can be difficult for you to use. All heights from the finish floor level

bathroom fixture height in inches/feet/meter

1shower head78″ to 84″6’6″ to 7 ‘1.82m to 2.13m
2mixture \ diverter36″3′0.91m
3stop cock52″4’4″1.30m
4wash basin32″2’8″0.81m
5wash basin angle cock18″1’6″0.46m
6bottle trap181’6″0.46m
8soap dish48″4′1.22m
9towel ring48″4′1.22m
10western commode17″1’5″0.43m
11flush tank angle cock24″2′0.61m
13towel rail60″5′1.52m
14bib tap for toilet18″1’6″0.46m
15jet spray or health faucet18″1’6″0.46m
16exhaust fan72″6′1.82m
17urinal height24″2′0.61m
19geyser height72″6′1.82m
20toilet paper  holder24″2′0.61m
standard height of plumbing point chat

jet spray/health faucet height in toilet 

18″ or 0.46m

Diverter height from floor 

36″ or 0.91m

spout height from floor 

30″ or 0.76m

What is the standard shower head height?

78″ to 84″

Wall mixer height from floor

36″ or 0.91m

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