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Practical Tips on How To Keep Your Home Cool


As soon as the sun rises, it becomes very difficult to stay in the house, Practical Tips on How To Keep Your Home Cool the main reason for this is heat.Most of the cement houses that are built these days have a lot of heart problems, so if you want to avoid this heat and want to keep your house cool, then do not forget to do these things in your house. After using this tips, the temperature of your house will be cooler and electricity will be saved.

  1. Reflective paint :
    Now as you know that the hot sun which is directly on your roof comes directly, due to which the temperature of your house increases a lot. The temperature inside can be as low as 3 to 7 degrees if you’re using reflective paint, the main reason for this is that the roof you have, absorbs 70% of the solar radiation and reflects only 30% of the radiation, but When you apply reflective paint, only 30% of the solar radiation gets absorbed by the roof of the house and 70% of the solar radiation gets reflected, which helps a lot in reducing ambient temperature inside the house.
  2. cost
    Now every time you do not even need to apply expensive paint on your roof, an experiment was conducted in Gujarat in which the roof ceiling was painted with the help of fevicol and lime and the results were also very good. This is the thing you can do at a very low cost. After mixing Fevicol and lime apply it on your roof so that your roof gets cooler, and see if your house remains cold. Because of this power consumption on electrical appliances is also less, which will save your money as well.
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  4. Windows
    The window are a very important aspect, because if there is a lot of ventilation in your house, especially cross ventilation, due to which there is no excessive heat in your house. So design windows in your house in such a way that it maintains ventilation in your home.

4 false ceiling
In many cases, a false ceiling is also used which helps in lowering the temperature a bit.

  1. Wall Paint
    The colour of your walls should also be UV reflective colour, due to which walls should not heat up too quickly. The interior colour should be a cool colour then this will make you feel a little cooler
    And the light shade can reduce the heat
  2. Tree
    If you have small or big trees around your house, then they also help to cool down your house, because of this, if you plant small plants around your house, then it can reduce the temperature in your house. More the greenery around the house, cooler the house will be
  3. Architectural Plan
    Better architectural plan plays an important role in keeping the house cooler. The plan should be made while considering the sun direction and wind direction, this ensures proper airflow in the house

8 Space
Nowadays, due to lack of space, people make their homes literally sticking other’s houses, due to which there is not enough airflow in that area and the house becomes like a box, in which once the air comes in, it is not able to go out, due to which the temperature in the house increases a lot and heat is trapped, for this reason, leave as much open space around your house as possible so that the airflow well

So these were some practical tips by which you can reduce the temperature of your house and get some relief from the heat.

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