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Tiles fitting labour Rates 2024


If you are thinking about tying your house then Tiles fitting labour Rates this article is going to be very useful for you because in this article we will know that if you are paying for telling on labour rate then according to each item you will get how much you should be given beat flooring granite work or all-time th is rate may be little less or more according to your area pay attention to market rate before finally labour rate and the material rate is not added in this cost.


Tiles fixing labour charges

Tile ItemLabor Cost
Flooring      15 Rs/Sq.ft To 18 Rs/Sq.ft
Skirting      15 Rs/Rft 
Kitchen wall tile13 Rs/sq.ft
Granite Window frame   75 Rs/ Rft
Kitchen counter      750 Rs/ Rft To 850 Rs/ Rft
Saircase (Jina) steps   300 Rs/per step (for granite staircase rate )
Granite Door frame90 Rs/ Rft
Bathroom Wall tile15 Rs/Sq.ft
Kitcen Rack (in kadappa stone)1700 Rs/rack
Porch wall tile  15 Rs/Sq.ft
Marble flooring     25 Rs/sq.ft
Kota stone 20 Rs/Sq.ft
Paver Block         13 Rs/sq.ft
Tile labor rate chart 2023

Tile labour rate

all tile labour rate

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