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House Electrical Work Electrician charges 2024


If you are getting your housework done and are thinking of hiring an electrician, House Electrical Work Electrician charges 2024 how much money should you give for work to the electrical worker, electrification charges in India, should you give it on a labor item rate or should you give it on a lump sum rate, house electrical work rate per square, feet electrical work list, house electrical work rate,

We will see electrical labour charges this year,

quotation for electrical work labor rate

electrical labour charges

Light PointNosRs. 180 -200
PowerPointNosRs. 200
MCB PointNosRs. 120
Ceiling Fan FittingNosRs. 150
Wall Fan FittingNosRs. 125
Exhaust Fan FittingNosRs. 100
Two Pole MCBNosRs. 250
Three Pole MCBNosRs. 350
1 mm WireRFTRs. 4
1.5 mm WireRFTRs. 6
2.5 mm WireRFTRs. 7
4 mm WireRFTRs. 9
6 mm WireRFTRs. 10
Earthing  RFTRs. 1100
Gate Light FittingNosRs. 200
Strip Light FittingRFTRs. 5
Tube Light FittingNosRs. 100
Street Light With PipeNosRs. 200
Inverter FittingnosRs 800
1 Watt LED Light FittingRFTRs. 80
Profile Fitting With StripNosRs. 30
Porch Lights FittingNosRs. 100
AC PointNosRs. 700
Anchor Bolt FittingNosRs. 150
Wall Pices FittingNosRs. 150
Hangging Lights FitthingNosRs. 150
Plaster JhareyRFTRs. 15
Service Line Angle FittingNosRs. 150
Surface Light FittingNosRs. 50
Home Theater FittingNosRs. 300
T.V.FittingNosRs. 300
Single Phase Mitter FittingNosRs. 300
Three-Phase Mitter FittingNosRs. 550
Concealed Metal Box FittingNosRs. 60
POP Light CuttingNosRs. 25
Four Pole MCBNosRs. 350
Reserve Forward Single PhaseNosRs. 275
Reserve Forward Three PhaseNosRs. 475
RCCB Single PhaseNosRs. 700
RCCB Three PhaseNosRs. 1000
Moter Stater FittingNosRs. 300
10 mm WireRFTRs. 15
2.5 mm Cable (3+4 Core)RFTRs. 7
4 mm Cable (3+4 Core)RFTRs. 9
6 mm Cable (3+4 Core)RFTRs. 10
10 mm Cable (3+4 Core)RFTRs. 14
R.G.6 CableRFTRs. 4
Telephone CableRFTRs. 7
Cat.6 CableRFTRs. 5
Camera CableRFTRs. 6
electrical labour charges

This rate will change location wise but you will get an idea about the electrical labour rate

electrical point wiring rates in India

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