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house construction cost per square foot in India 2024


If you are thinking this year of building your house and you want to know how much it can cost you to build a house, house construction cost then you will get the proper information here. But before that do consider that this is only the cost of the construction of your house, the cost of the plot has not been added to it. The rate may be more or less depending on the material supply and labor rate at your place. We would like to know how much it would cost to build an average type house.

Before knowing the cost of building a house, let us know what things will be included in that house.

1. The house will be of RCC structure type

2. The thickness of the walls can be 9 inches 6 inches and 4 inches

3. Foundation expenses have also been added to the cost of the house.

4. All things like plumbing electrical work painting work etc. have been added to it. All the expenses have been included in this i.e. the expenses till you get the keys directly in your hand. Some expenses are not added like borewell compound wall

house construction cost per square foot in 2024

If you want to build a normal house up to the finishing level, then the house construction cost per square foot is 1500 Rs/square feet to 1700 Rs/square feet.

1000 square feet house construction cost 2024

This means that it may cost you from 1500000 to 1700000 rupees to build a  1000 square foot house in India.

How much material will be needed to build a house? 

70% of the cost of building a house here is spent on your material. some of the main materials are cement, steel, sand, Bricks

For example, if you are building a house of 1000 square feet, how much material will you need?

CEMENT 500 BAGS1,87,500/-
STEEL 3.5 MT TO 4 MT2,60,000/-
bricks 25000 nos approx2,00,000/-
Sand2300 CFT
Aggregate1300 CFT
Plumbing material cost70,000/-
Tiling cost    60,000/-
Granite cost56,000/-
SS railings18,000/-
Electrical work 85,000/-
Aluminium Sliding window65,000/-
Door   53,000/-
Painting                            95,000/-

And 30% is spent on your labor

for centering, contractor cost takes 130 rs / square foot around 1,30,000/- for a 1000 square feet house 125 rs/sq.ft  for brick and plaster contractors 1,25,000/- for a 1000 square feet house

So what if you want to build a house bigger than 1000 square feet or want to build a smaller house? 

That is, if your square feet area is less than 1000 or more, at that time you can use this calculator, in which you can easily know how much it will cost you after putting square feet of your house

House Construction Cost Calculator 2024

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