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Granite vs quartz pros and cons  best option for kitchen countertop


I know whenever you have to choose between granite vs quartz, then these questions definitely come to your mind.granite vs quartz


What are the pros and cons of granite and quartz?  

Which one is better granite or quartz?

best kitchen countertop granite or quartz?

So know which is the best option for your home.

granite is an igneous rock, which is 100% natural, On the other hand, quartz stone is called engineered stone, made in a factory from crushed quartz with 93% and 7% resins binding together,

Design and pattern 

As we have seen granite is a natural stone. In this, you get different types of designs and other patterns are also available.

But if we talk about quartz, there are many designs and patterns available in it, much more than granite.

As you know, it is common to get stains on the kitchen counter. Granite is such a stone that due to it being porous, you can see stains on it and even a few scratches on it are quickly visible.

You will not have this problem with quartz stone, Because it is not porous at all, and it does not stain quickly. and scratches are also not visible quickly

Now there is a kitchen counter, so there will be a little bit of hit contact.

So granite wins here because granite is a good heat-resistant material. On the other hand, the hit-resistant property of some quartz stones is not so good, due to which they can get damaged after installing them on the kitchen countertop.


The last thing comes, its price because many things depend on the price, so see friends, the price here depends on the type and location. In many places, you can get granite for a very low price, while the quartz cost can be a bit high, now this totally depends on your market

If we come to the decision which granite or quartz stone would be best for your kitchen counter, both stones will be good for your kitchen counter and this thing will depend on the price. Granite stone has been used for kitchen counters for many years and its results are also good although some scratches and stains which are there may leave a little on it but not that much effect on the kitchen counter and good heat resistant Due to this, it becomes a good option for your kitchen counter.

And if you are going to install engineer stone for your kitchen countertop then it must be a good hit registered and it gives a modern look to your kitchen. If your budget is reasonable then you can definitely use quartz stone.

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