False ceiling price 2022 India

Mainly three types of false use pop false ceiling, gypsum false ceiling, and PVC false ceiling 

So in  this article, we will see the cost per square feet of false ceiling 

You can easily calculate the false ceiling by using this simple calculator  

But before that, you should know the important things about false ceiling cost

For example, we will take gypsum false ceiling 

False ceiling Material price

Gypsum board, bottom section, intermediate, angle, screw fastener, transport etc total cost of false ceiling material is 56% or 45 rs per square feet 

False ceiling Labour cost

For total labour cost, we will consider 20 rs per square feet 

And we will consider the contractor’s profit of 15 rs per square feet

Cost approx 44% 

False ceiling cost per square feet 

So now we are adding a False ceiling Material cost that is 45 rs/sq.ft +False ceiling Labour cost that is 35 rs/sq.ft =80 rs/sq.ft 


The false ceiling cost per square feet is 80rs per square feet 

False ceiling price calculatorĀ 

Only put room length and width in feet and you will get the cost of a false ceiling

*you can get an approximate idea of cost, cost depends on location material cost labour cost

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false ceiling price per square feet

80 rs per square feet price per square feet


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