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Tiles fitting labour Rates 2023

If you are thinking about tying your house then this article is going to be very useful for you because in this article we will know that if you are paying for telling on labour rate then according to each item you will get how much you should be given beat flooring granite work or … Read more

electrical labour charges, quotation for electrical work labour rate

If you are getting your housework done and are thinking of hiring an electrician, how much money should you give work to the electrical worker, should you give it on a labor item rate or should you give it on lump sum rate,  We will see electrical labour charges this year, quotation for electrical work … Read more

Real house construction cost in India 2023

If you are thinking this year to build your house and you want to know how much it can cost you to build a house, then you will get the proper information here. But before that do consider that this is only the cost of the construction of your house, the cost of the plot … Read more

False ceiling rate 2023 India

false ceiling cost

Mainly three types of false use pop false ceiling, gypsum false ceiling, and PVC false ceiling  So in  this article, we will see the cost per square feet of false ceiling  You can easily calculate the false ceiling by using this simple calculator   But before that, you should know the important things about false ceiling … Read more

Plumbing fitting height standard

plumbing point height

You must be aware of the standard height of the plumbing point while making a bathroom because the height of the plumbing point is kept according to your comfort, its main advantage is that you get a lot of ease in using the plumbing point. and if you install the plumbing point incorrectly, it can … Read more

interior colour combination for Indian homes

If you want that you feel fresh after coming into the house, then for this you should choose the right colour because colour affects the mood of the person, some colours make your room look bigger and more beautiful than some because of the colour If you get enthusiasm from it, then know which colour … Read more

home construction cost of 1000 sq. ft house in 2023

If you are thinking of building a house in 2023 and want to know how much it will cost you to build a house in India in 2023, then let us know, By the way, usually, 70% of the expenditure goes for the material to get you a house, 30% of the spending is there, … Read more